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DIRE မဲဆန္ဒရှင် မကျေမနပ်၊ Biden ၏ နယ်နိမိတ်မျဉ်းများနှင့် တရားရုံးချုပ်သည် ဇာတိအမေရိကန်လူမျိုးများကို ထောက်ခံသည်- တရားရေးတိုက်ပွဲများ ပြင်းထန်လာခြင်း၊ လေဆင်နှာမောင်း ကြေကွဲဖွယ်ရာ တိုက်ခိုက်မှုများနှင့် SpaceX ၏ အာကာသအောင်ပွဲ

In a year filled with elections, dissatisfaction among voters is evident, with election certification disputes in key states raising concerns about the 2024 presidential contest. Will Biden’s new border measures sway voters? The Supreme Court siding with Native American tribes in a health care funding dispute highlights ongoing legal battles. Charges against prison officials renew calls to close a Shawshank-like facility in Wisconsin. Tornadoes wreak havoc in Michigan, Ohio, and Maryland, with tragic consequences. SpaceX’s successful mega rocket test flight marks progress in space exploration efforts. Israeli settlers faced international sanctions that failed to deter their resolve. The NBA Finals will test the Celtics’ readiness for high-pressure situations. Southern Baptists are set to ban churches with women pastors despite opposition within their ranks. A court ruling allowing student housing at UC Berkeley’s People’s Park sparks debates over land use policies.

မုဆိုး Biden’s trial continues with live updates as testimonies unfold, shedding light on his legal woes. Trump ally Steve Bannon faces imprisonment for contempt charges following a judge’s order to surrender by July 1st. Israeli strikes escalate tensions in Gaza amid claims of military targets being hit by retaliatory actions.

A 102-year-old World War II veteran passes away en route to D-Day commemorations, underscoring the sacrifices made by those who served during wartime.

Boeing successfully docks its astronaut capsule at the space station after thruster issues were resolved post-launch.

The recent tornado hits across several states serve as a stark reminder of the destructive power of nature and its impact on communities.

The Supreme Court ruling favoring Native American tribes underscores ongoing legal battles over healthcare funding disparities between tribal nations and the government.

Charges against prison officials reignite calls for reform as advocates push for closure of problematic correctional facilities like Wisconsin’s Shawshank-like prison.

Tornadoes leave devastation in their wake across Michigan, Ohio, and Maryland, highlighting the လိုအပ်ချက် for preparedness and resilience in facing natural disasters.

SpaceX’s latest successful test flight of its mega rocket represents a significant milestone in advancing space exploration technology.